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Reservation policy

Students can make a reservation for his / her accommodation online or contacting us by e-mail, Facebook or phone. In order to secure your accommodation you are required to pay a booking fee of two months rent. 

After your booking fee is paid we will send you the tenancy agreement. Your booking fee converts to deposit once your tenancy commences. The deposit is refundable at the end of your tenancy, unless any deductions for damage or charges have been made.

While paying the deposit you have agreed that the landlord may deduct from the deposit the amount of any arrears of rent, or costs, expenses, losses or damages sustained by the landlord as a result of any breach of the tenancy by the tenant.

Cancellation policy

One week COOLING-OFF period
If you book online without seeing the accommodation first you may cancel your booking within 7 days after paying your reservation fee by giving us written notice by e-mail with no liability. The cancellation notice must reach us by the end of the 7th day after the day we confirm to you that your accommodation booking is concluded and before you collect the keys for your accommodation (check-in), whichever is the sooner. 

If you validly cancel during the COOLING-OFF period, we will reimburse the payment made by you. In that case the refund of your payment will be made by bank transfer to the same bank account from which you have payed booking fee. Money will be sent back in 5 working day period after the acceptance of cancelation letter by the landord.

Cancellation outside the COOLING-OFF period
Once the COOLING-OFF period has expired you can only cancel your booking and get a refund of your booking fee if you can demonstrate that you did not receive the visa. We will not refund or cancel bookings when you have elected to live at other accomodation place.  

Cancellation after moved in
Once after your arrival you have signed your tenancy agreement and collected your room keys (check-in) you will be liable for the payment of rent and the other obligations set out in the Terms and Conditions of the tenancy agreement. This is a contract that you have entered into committing you to the full-term accommodation and rent as stated on the tenancy agreement.

How to cancel reservation
A written letter of cancellation must be e-mailed to: